Priding itself on high quality products, Technicraft views the finishing processes as equal in importance to the manufacturing of the product itself. Finishing can include the grinding of welds, sanding of sharp corners and large surface areas, and the graining of certain material types. Weld discolouration of stainless steel can be removed through employing electro chemical processes or glass bead blasting can be offered.

Technicraft can offer the inclusion of diverse types of captive fastener such as nutserts, hank bushes, press studs and stand offs as well as stud welding processes. We also can undertake product assembly prior to delivery , this is particularly useful for cabinets and enclosures

Depending on your needs, the following services can be proposed through our trusted partners:

  • Zinc plating to enhance the visual aesthetics of the product and/or to improve the corrosive resistance of the material.
  • Painting – both powder coating and wet painting can be offered as a stand alone process or as a secondary finish following an initial treatment.
  • Hot dip galvanising affords an extremely effective corrosion resistant finish superior to zinc plating, a finish that may be considered when items have to endure extreme or arduous conditions.
  • Chrome plating provides a very high cosmetic finish with almost a mirror-like surface. Additionally it provides effective corrosion resistance dependant on specification.
  • Anodising – with a wide variety of specifications, this process offers a protective and cosmetic finish to aluminium products.